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Tissue Culture Rack

Ideal for agricultural research lab applications like tissue culturing of plants, our Tissue Culture Racks has a thumping demand. Our adroit engineers impeccably construct these Tissue Culture Racks using best grade of tubular steel pipes so as to provide endurance, efficient performance and resistance to corrosion. Based in Karnataka (India), we are the distinguished Manufacturer and Supplier offering economical Tissue Culture Racks in custom specifications.

Available Items :

  • R1 Fixed Racks with or without castor wheel
  • R2 Movable Racks with rail and geared


Technical Specifications : TC Racks are designed keeping in mind the application research or commercial production.


Research rack : Are generally fitted with multiple PAR lights wit photoperiodic timmer & shelves are either mild steel powder coated/ glass/SS/ tray mounting type. The racks are mounted on castor wheels.


Commercial Production Racks: Are generally designed as per customer specification depending on the rooms size & total bottle capacity required. Theses racks are generally 10-20 feet in length & 4.2ft depth & 8-9ft Height. These racks can commonly accommodate 3000-14000 bottles per rack. Racks are fitted PAR lights with photoperiodic timmer. Racks can be either fixed or castor wheel mounted or on rails with mechanical movements.


Construction :

  • Bottom Frame : MS channel (ISBC 75) 75x40x5mm
  • Side Frames : 25x50mm MS tubular 16 SWG
  • Tube and Chock Mounting : 12x60x12mm C Chanel constructed out of 1.6mm MS Sheet
  • Tray Mounting Chanel : 20x20mm L and T Chanel constructed out of 3mm MS angle
  • Rack Mounting : On MS wheel with gear arrangement mounted on solid rail for easy mobility for cleaning and other purpose using rotating handle on side. Or Heavy castor wheel mounted.
  • Control panel : mounted on side with MCB’S contactor and Digital timer
  • Painting : Powder coated classic white
  • Fittings : MS coated Bolts


Electrical :

  • Tube : Philips 36 W Fl. Tube
  • Ballast : Philips Sumo 36 W
  • Side Holders : Cona
  • Timer : programmable Digital
  • Contactor : 16 amps 3 Pole Branded
  • Control : MCBs branded one each for each row
  • Wiring : Main input wire 2.5 Sq.mm Havels/ Finolex or similar make in PVC casing
  • Tube to chock : 0.25 sq.mm wire


Size ( Approx) LXDXH

10-20x4.2x8-9 Ft

Bottom Frame


Side/ Supporting frames

MS tubular 25x 50mm 16 Swg

Tube and chock & Tray Chanel mounting

C Chanel 12x60x12mm1.6mm MS sheet

Tray mounting Chanel

L &T type Chanel 20x20mm 3mm MS Angle

Distance between Tray bottom and Tube frame bottom


Rack fixing

MS coated bolts and nuts


Epoxy powder coated


Classic white

Size of Tray


Tube size


Tube Wattage

36 W


Electronic 36 W