El Shaddai Instruments

Laboratory Rotary Shaker

These Shakers are ideal for mixing and development of cultures, chemicals, solvents, etc. These are ideal for shaking solutions in Erlenmeyer flasks. It promoted the mixing and dissolving of substance contained in flasks, bottles or test tubes. It can also be used for sieving and for speeding up chemical reaction in general. These are offered in different sizes of standard  platform with variety of inter changeable top plat form to hold different sizes of flasks in different to work on 220/230VAC single phase continuous duty motor with controllable orbital speed up to 250RPM.

Optional :

  • Digital Timer.
  • Imported Microprocessor based PID Controller.
  • Any other sizes can be supplied on demand.
  • Fully Stainless steel model available on demand.



Platform Size

Holding capacity


12” x12”

250ml x 9Nos


Additional platform

100ml x 16Nos


18” x18”

250ml x 16Nos


Additional platform

100ml x 36Nos


24” x 24”

250ml x 36Nos


Additional platform

100ml x 64Nos


36” x 36”

250ml x 64Nos



100ml x 100Nos