El Shaddai Instruments

Germination Chamber

Based in Karnataka (India), we are the reliable Manufacturer and Supplier offering a gamut of Germination Chambers in varied sizes and specifications to provide the user’s with largest germination areas within the available spaces. Our expert professionals design the Germination Chambers in an affordable yet very functional manner to provide optimum germination conditions like lighting, humidification etc. We cater to all the orders within set time frame.


Technical Specification for Walk in Germination Chamber Construction :

  • Room Size : 10’x10’x7’ (LXBXH feet)                 
    • Mild Steel angular frame construction within the room to mount PUF insulated Panels
    • For sandwich panel-glametg 4 external steel wall facing of 0.5mm thick and internal steel wall facing 0.4mm thick the coating on both the steel facings shall be smp on base metal that is galvalume  thickness in mm 30 mm
    • PUF  construction  door with glass window  on heavy hinges and lock
    • Wall mounted Digital Temperature and Humidity Indicator with all controls and Indicators externally near the door for easy access and operation.
    • Temperature can be controlled from 5C above ambient to 60C with an accuracy of ±1C
    • Humidity can be controlled up to 95% RH with an accuracy of ± 5%
    • RACKS
    • 8.2’ x 2’ x 6.5’ Growth racks to hold 20 Nos 2’ tubes 
    • Suitable to hold 40 trays  of size :- 650 x360x210mm
  • Trays :
    • Tufflon coated trays Size : 650x 360x210 mm (LXDXH)
    • Aluminum inner trays for the above -
    • Electrical Fittings
    • 2’ Fluorescent tubes 40 Nos.
    • Externally mounted Electronic choke Philips -40 Nos.
    • MS powder coated cabinet with exhaust fan system to mount Electronic Ballast
    • 4KVA Voltage stabilizer – 1 No.
    • Control panel MS Powder coated – 1No,
    • All electrical fittings like Contactors, MCB’s, Timers with single key operation
    • Electrical fitting to mount Humidifiers and room heaters
    • Racks Individual row on off felicity externally
    • Humidifier and room heater on off felicity externally
    • Thermostatic digital controller externally to automate room heater
  • Air Conditioners : Split AC with Voltage stabilizer 1.5TR 
  • Humidifiers and Room Heaters :
    • Aerosol Room Humidifiers stainless steel with high pressure blower – one/ two Nos.
    • Room heater with Air circulation facility –
    • The system is fitted with fool proof safety system to protect over temperature and Low temperature.
  • Optional : Any civil work including flooring plumbing plastering external electrical will be charged extra
  • Pre-Installation Requirement :
    • Tile flooring,  ¾” water tap connection 01nos,
    • Three phase Power supply, 32Amps 01nos any where externally to the room
    • Facility for accommodation with food for 7-8 workers for 15days at work site.
    • Power to operate hand tools at site.