El Shaddai Instruments

Distillation Unit

We have massive warehouse with Individual stock keeping units (SKUs). We are capable of sorting the products in an efficient way and can easily entertain bulk requirements of the customers. The finest array of products we deliver is manufactured using only exceptional quality inputs (raw material). We make certain that the material (inputs) used are of high grade.


Features :

  • Silica Heater
  • Gate Value to prevent water wastage
  • Flow switch for boiler safety
  • Teflon drain cock for easy maintenance.
  • High quality distillate
  • Power Coated Stand
  • Safety Built - in
  • Larger Boiling space resulting in more balanced boiling better quality of distillate
  • Better condensing area - Cooler distillate temperature
  • Larger quartz sheath, hence easy of replacement of heater element in case of burn out
  • In Built safety features for low water pressure, low feed water to boiler, over heating, and reservoir level.

Screw Thread Connectors :
All plumbing connections are via screw thread connectors with silicon rubber 'o' rings. This facilitates easy fitting and removal of hose, without using excessive force, avoiding the danger of glass ware breakage during assembly.

With Over Heat Protection :
Pressure Temperature Switch (PTS) : Shuts off the unit when water level in the boiler falls below the heater.

Advantages :
The distiller along with the specially designed borosilicate / quartz condenser (optional) is absolutely thermal shock proof - a property well known of fused quartz. The Design of the equipment renders it compact and portable. The boiler has a drain vent to ensure in situ cleaning of the boiler. The cab-still Series yields ample distilled water for use in laboratory. The equipment can be effectively used for distilling water. The Boiler is made of Electronic Grade quartz and options for condenser are Borosilicate / Quartz.

Advanced Features :
Pyrogen free
Free of heavy metals
Designed for pollution free distillate.
Instant distilled water flow. Switch on time less than a minute.
Quartz Boiler (Sio2) is chemically inert to most solvents and acids, hence purer distillate.
No heat loss in the boiler, hence saves electrical power.
High performance with low maintenence.
Safety Cut-out (in built)

Conductivity :
Conductivity specified applies for freshly prepared water. During Storage it is possible for contaminants like atmospheric carbon dioxide and alkalis from glass containers and contaminators from glass containers to be disolved in water leading to changes in conductivity. Conductivity is affected by temperature and the presence of absorbed carbon dioxide . Test is performed on distilled water free of carbon dioxide at 20oC.

Note on pH :
Because of difficulties associated with measurement of pH value of high purity water and the doubtful significance of the value obtained, limits for the pH values are not mentioned for Grade 1 and Grade 2 water.

Important Note :
The Specifications are strictly in accordance of the standards. All rights are reserved with us for alteration / modifications as circumstance dictate.


Model ECSQS – 20 Q ECSQS – 20B ECSBS – 20
Output Capacity (approx) 20 Ltr / Hr 20 Ltr / Hr 20 Ltr / Hr
Power Rating 16 KW 16 KW 16 KW
Cooling Water Consumption (approx) 12 Ltr. / Min 12 Ltr. / Min 12 Ltr. / Min
Boiling Chamber Fused Quartz Fused Quartz Fused Quartz
Condenser Fused Quartz Borosilicate Glass Borosilicate Glass
Heater Fused Quartz Fused Quartz Fused Quartz
Feed Water Treated Water Less Than 30 ppm