El Shaddai Instruments

Air Pressure Modules

Provides Double filtered clean air, basically constructed of Mild Steel powder coated, The ambient air is made to pass through pre-filter and again through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filter having efficiency rating as high as 99.997% with hot, DOP, thus retaining all air-borne particles of size : 0.3 micron and larger. This provides continuous supply of clean air into the room and allows the room to be in positive pressure. The blower and motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced. Blowers are spring mounted to minimize vibration. One No. GE double shaft motor 1400 RPM fitted with 8” aluminum blower assembly.


To work on 240V AC 50 Hz does the main function of suction and delivery :

  • Size : 710 x 1200 x710mm
  • Room duct size : 610x610x610 mm


HEPA Efficiency

99.997% at 0.3 microns with DOP test


Washable with an arrestance up to 90% at 5 microns

Air Velocity

90FPM +-20%

Sound Level

60-65 decibels


Class 100